February 16, 2023
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Global AI Trend 12: AI helps inquiries, counseling and reservations.

With the development of AI voice recognition technology, scope of AI based counseling is expanding. In many industries, such as AI counselors who respond to customers by recognizing emotions with their voices and selling customized products through AI automatic recommendation, AI psychological counselors who provide psychological counseling, and AI callbots that help make restaurant reservations, AI is becoming a partner that helps you reduce the workload of employees and work more efficiently.

AI counselor that serves customers and sells customized products.

Telemarketer is an emotionally consuming job that is ranked in the top 10 jobs with high emotional labor intensity. Recently, call centers have been transformed into high-tech workplaces with AI. It is said that KT’s AI voice bot is available for consultation in 170 fields. Reportedly, the number of calls received by humans has been reduced by an average of 17M per month by handling simple inquiries such as breakdown registration, rate check, statement reissuance etc as well as complex inquiries such as rate plan changes. 

It not only analyzes the customer's voice wavelength to detect emotion, provide customer service and financial counseling by itself, it is also used as an auxiliary tool for human counselors. AI counseling assistant program that helps human counselors convert real time conversations into text messages, when they receive calls from customers, and automatically displays guidance pages for customers’ needs. It recommends products by itself and assists counselors.

AI psychologists who read my mind

AI for psychological counseling means that AI replaces the role of counselors who were in charge of existing psychological treatment. Currently, many IT industry workers predict that AI based psychological counseling robots or apps will be a great help to the public.

AI psychological counselors are expected to liberate patients from the psychological and economic burden of counseling itself. In the case of general psychological counseling, the average cost is about 50,000 won per case and in the case of a well-known psychologist, it exceeds 100,000 won. On the other hand, in the case of an AI psychological counselor, unlike a traditional counselor, it does not cost anything, once it is installed in a clinic and psychological center,it is available at a much lower price.

In addition, accessibility can be improved if a smartphone or AI speaker is linked with an AI chat bot for psychological counseling. Another advantage is that you can comfortably share personal stories that are difficult to talk about face to face with a counselor.

However, it is still difficult for AI to fully understand the complex area of human psychology and due to the nature of psychotherapy, misdiagnosis is likely to lead to fatal results, so clear AI ethical guidelines and implementation guidelines are needed.

AI call bot that helps make restaurant and bank reservations

In busy restaurants, AI callbots can even take customer calls and make reservations. It is said that after listening to the customer's inquiry over the phone, asking for the time and number of people who want to make a reservation, the reservation time is set. When the reservation is full, they directly recommend another time that is close to the prior inquiry. AI voicebot directly responds to customer’s inquiries and the owner of the restaurant can reduce labor cost. Thus, the owner is able to focus more on the business of the restaurant.

Voice bots are also being introduced in the financial sector where there are many customer service calls. After KB Kookmin Bank introduced callbot BIS earlier this year,  it expanded its field to report loss of bankbooks and management of overdue loans etc and call bot receives and handles an average of 25,000 customers calls per day.

Crowdworks not only collects and annotates images, videos, texts and individual source data, but also multi-model tasks such as image and text, image and video, text and voice. Data generation work for AI counseling bots, Crowdworks will be with you.

Increase the value of your company with Crowdworks, which is proficient in various projects.If you have any questions about AI data, feel free to visit Crowdworks!

If you have any questions about AI data, feel free to visit Crowdworks!
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