October 25, 2022
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Global AI Trend 07: Metaverse for you, presented by AI

It's not an exaggeration to say that you live in a metaverse world - you have obviously heard about it. But did you know that it is yet again our frequent guest AI that plays an important role at the heart of that omnipresent metaverse? Metaverse is not just about virtual reality but rather incorporated in various real-life fields such as PR/marketing, fashion, finance and you name it. Now, let me tell you the story of how artificial intelligence makes the great metaverse, which has seeped into various parts of our real life, even greater!

Metaverse, the hottest spot for Millennials & Gen Z

Create your own avatar in the metaverse then you will be able to do pretty much everything you do in reaI life in the metaverse as well - You can make friends, go to concerts and live your social life there. As such, metaverse has become a thing since the pandemic because you can still be who you are and live a life there. Take Korea for example, where Crowdworks is based in: Zepeto, a metaverse platform by IT corporation Naver, has become popular nationwide and particularly loved by Millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y) & Gen Z. Even Gucci the fashion company, launched fashion items on Zepeto. And many others are following Naver’s suit and striving to build their own metaverse platforms, such as SK Telecom’s Ifland and real estate service provider Zigbang’s Metapolis.

AI, the Metaverse Facilitator

You can still build a metaverse without the help of AI, but you must work with AI to build one that is creative enough and successful. Let me walk you through the details of these ways AI makes the metaverse even better! 

AI for Vivid Metaverse

AI adds sophistication to avatars, which is one of the most important components of the metaverse. Specifically, AI gives the avatars facial expressions, emotions, and movements that are natural and lively. The job is done by Digital Twin, a technology used to create a virtual representation of a real-world object. Advances in this technology allow to mirror the real world more naturally in its virtual counterpart, and hence more natural experiences for users in the metaverse.

AI for Multilingual Metaverse

One AI technology that adds convenience to the metaverse is natural language processing (NLP). Natural language processing can be used for language translation because it helps to analyze and actively use the language as well as to understand what people say in their daily lives. ‘Natural language generation’ in particular, among natural language processing technologies, makes AI’s language translation possible because it converts the computer-processed results back into languages that are easy for human beings to understand. Thanks to such AI technology, users can conveniently experience the metaverse with any language they want.

AI for Fun Metaverse

The more content you can enjoy in the metaverse, the more interested you will be in joining the metaverse, right? Artificial intelligence can greatly enhance the development of this content, such as quests and stories, by utilizing artificial neural networks. 

Artificial neural networks refer to machine learning models created after human brains and synapses. In the metaverse built through artificial neural networks, users will be able to enjoy more diverse and rich content!

Unfinished Jobs for Metaverse X AI?

There are also things to watch out for the metaverse empowered by AI, though it has enormous potential for further growth when it’s accompanied by AI. First of all, whether the copyright of contents created by AI should be granted to humans or to the AI should be determined. 

Also, precautionary action should be taken for crimes that may harm the users, such as deepfakes or inappropriate remarks & behaviors.

Crowdworks has led the project of building a so-called ‘clean metaverse’ to success. The project was to monitor and sanction users who violate the code of conduct amid a surge of reports of inappropriate languages among users. Not only did Crowdworks successfully source quality workers who were proficient in their responsible language to handle reports received in various languages, but Crowdworks also impeccably managed the workers to provide best-in-class monitoring even in the middle of abusive languages and all that; Yes, the project was a massive success ;) .

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