September 28, 2022
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Global AI Trend 05: Coca-Cola Collaborates with AI

Coca-Cola, the world's largest beverage maker, offers more than 1.9 billion cups of its 500 brands every day in more than 200 countries. What’s the secret behind its rein in the global market for so long? In that background, there was AI, which collects data on who is drinking what beverages when, where, and how.

"AI is the foundation for everything we do. We create intelligent experiences. AI is the kernel that powers that experience.”
- Greg Chambers, Global Director of Digital Innovation at Coca-Cola (2017)

Coca-Cola’s Recognition of Importance of Big Data

Coca-Cola has about 105 million Facebook followers and 35 million Twitter followers. And Coca-Cola says that every other second, a new post is created by their followers about what drinks they buy & where on the social media (as of 2015).


Coca-Cola collected beverage images (bottle cap number, plastic bottles, etc.) from such postings automatically with AI image recognition technology and analyzed products that sell well in each region. With online behavioral advertising based on this information, Coca-Cola could achieve click rates that are 4 times higher than its existing advertisements.

Development of New Products Through AI

Coca-Cola is well known for its generous investment in AI-based R&D and its use of AI in data gathering & analysis for market insights. The results of these AI-driven efforts were seen earlier this year when Coca-Cola launched its new product, Sprite Cherry

Sprite Cherry was made possible by the consumer data collected by Coca-Cola’s self-service soda fountain, at which consumers can make their own soda. At the fountain, consumers were able to make drinks of their choice by mixing as many flavors as they wanted, and Coca-Cola, which analyzed the data from the consumer, was able to launch the most popular combination of flavors as a new flavor.


In the meantime, Coca-Cola is trying to keep up with the latest technology trends and has developed their own AI bot - one that functions like the popular AI assistants Alexa and Siri. The AI bot developed by Coca-Cola will be installed in vending machines to provide customized services for each individual consumer. Also, the company is working on a new service based on location information.

Data Management for The Production of Healthy Products

With the recent decline in sales of sugary soft drinks across the market, Coca-Cola is collecting data to help its brand produce relatively healthy products such as orange juice (Minute Maid, Simply Orange, etc.)

Weather data, satellite images, crop information, price factors, acid and sugar levels are all gathered and considered to grow oranges in an optimal environment, thanks to which Coca-cola can maintain a consistent flavor for the oranges used for its brands.

Image Source: Coca-Cola Korea (

Reborn as a technology-driven company focused on the strategic use of data and AI, Coca-Cola is expected to retain its position as an industry leader in the future as well. This success story of Coca-Cola assures us that data and AI are growing in importance not only in the IT industry but also in various other industries; That big data technologies are important tools, and data-based business-decision-making are one of the finest ways for companies to improve their business intelligence; And that with Crowdworks on your side and its high-quality data in your hands, you can increase the value of your company.

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