Data processing platform installed on the premises of the client to better facilitate the overall project as well as to ensure a high level of data security

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Increase project efficiency & reduce project time and cost

High-level Data Security
The system maintains a high level of data security that is suitable for the client’s infrastructure environment.
Data Annotaion Tools
Tools can be customized per client’s data types or upon request. Tools are used for collecting and processing unstructured data such as text, images, and video.
Minimized Time and Cost for HR Management
The One-Stop service for managing the overall personnel affairs – recruitment, verification, management and follow-up support.

Workstage On-Prem is ideal for:

  • Companies that wish to process data within their private networks
  • Businesses that handle sensitive data under strict regulations
  • Organizations that directly control and manage data
Infrastructure / Security Requirements
  • System: Docker/Kubernetes based solution
  • Infrastructure: Server for installation, workers
  • Security: Security memorandum, desktop virtualization, capture and recording prevention solution, keyboard typing history and tracking solution, etc.
Technical Requirements
  • Web / WAS Server: 4vCPU / 8GB Mem / 350GB Disk
  • Redis: 4vCPU / 4 GB Mem / 100GB Disk
  • MySQL: 8vCPU / 64GB Mem / 400GB SSD
  • OS:  CentOS 7.3(64bit)
  • Software: OpenJDK 64 Bit Server VM 18.9(build 11.0.1) Python3 / Apache Tomcat 8.5 / nginx(1.12.2)

Key Features

Build an effective data management environment and maximize work efficiency

Organization Operation
  • Simple and easy project creation in less than 10 min
  • Projects are supported on various types of devices.
HR Management
  • Intuitive HR management (member assignment, project group management, etc.)
Work Template
  • Customizable work and inspection templates tailored to client’s needs
  • Easy installation of project template files.
Work Distribution
  • Prevent duplicate work of the same source while minimizing system resources.
Quality Control
  • Set qualification test and trap set before/during work to respond to quality control
  • Control the quality throughout the project with timely analysis.
  • Notification board specific to each member role (user, operator, and system administrator)
  • Seamless operating environment with dashboard and detailed inquiry by item
  • Monitor project results, status of both real-time and past 7 days’ progresses, graphs and analysis, etc.
System Security
  • Thorough system security through user action logging (network access control, worker IP designation, password setting and change control)
Data Security
  • Encryption of personal information, work results, and destruction of completed projects
System Mgmt
  • Configure factors blocking resource-related inefficiency in the operating system and security policy

Project Procedure

Operate projects with ease and deliver high-quality training data for your AI

Process 1. Project through in-house workers

in-house workers to the On-Prem workspace
Approval via authentication system in line with internal security policies
Selecting template for the data processing project
Uploading unstructured data and guidelines for workers
Task allocation and performance monitoring
High Quality Training Data For Your AI

Process 2. Project through outsourced workers

Defining requirements for workers suitable for the project
Job opening through ‘Workstage JOB’
Assigning workplace: ‘offline office’ or ‘VPN-enabled workplaces’
Worker & workplace approval in line with internal security policies
Task allocation and performance monitoring
High Quality Training Data For Your AI

Stack/Layer by Component

Software Stack

Web Server
Application Base
Back-end Framework
Spring Boot
Session & Monitoring
Persistent Repository

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