New Work Future for Individuals & Society

Being one of the most leading players of AI data training industry in Asia, our project portfolios demonstrate the quality and confidence of Workstage's project management system

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Preparing organizations for the era
of radical agility

Organizations which fail to invest in agile technology will struggle to withstand the swirling socio-economic changes precipitated by the Covid-19 upheaval.

From remote and distributed work to AI-enhanced human productivity, the need to adapt is no longer an option; rather, it is a survival strategy.

A mission
for post-Covid-19 era

“Our mission is to revolutionize the way work gets done; help companies create innovative products and processes through AI-powered technology; and forge a brilliant new work future for individuals and society.”

Minwoo Park, CEO

Director with extensive leadership experience in the tech industry. MBA and MA from Seoul National University.
Daeyoung Kim, COO
Data platform architect and data services specialist who has led global engineering teams. MSc in Computing from the University of Kent.
Jeongshik Jang, CTO
Experienced senior product manager with history of leading platforms and services in the finance and tech domains. Strong IT professional graduated from KAIST.
Hyungjoo Lee, CPO
Corporate strategy specialist with extensive business experience in the tech industry.Finance professional graduated from Chonnam National University.
Sunwoo Han, CFO

Data Quality is
Proportional to Experience

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